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Chapter IV
The next morning started out like any other.
But out of the public eye things were starting to happen that would soon turn Nome upside down for in the only hospital the town's only doctor Curtis Welch was sitting alone in his office.

He rubbed his tired eyes so fare he had seen four people with the same symptoms a high fever, chills, sore throat, cough, headache, and so on.

At this point Doc Welch was begging to worry if it was Diphtheria if it was then Nome would in real hot water because the last supply of antitoxin which had arrived some time back in 1860 had expired. So if an epidemic started they would all be out of luck so for the time being Doc Welch was going to keep a close eye on this.

Meanwhile back in the main train yard Balto and Boris had just punched in.  Not needing to be told where to go the two started heading towards pit 9.  But just as they were about to leave the yard office balto heard people talking inside the building and much to Boris's protest he walked towards the door and put an ear to it.

"Did you hear there are now four people that appear to have Tonsillitis?" One asked.

"Call me craze but I don't think its Tonsillitis." The other replied.

"What makes you say that?"

"Tell me Frank have you ever seen four people have it at the same time?"

"Well no not really" Frank replied

"Exactly my point."

"Well Bill what do you think it is?"

"I don't really know but I've got a bad felling about it." Bill said heading for the door at that point Balto backed away from the door and hide besides the building.

Seconds later the door opened and out walked Bill and Frank once the two railroader's were out of sight Balto came out from behind the building and Boris who had tried to stay out of sight came out of his spot in of all place's an outhouse.

"What was all that about?" He asked.

"Something about a bunch of people who have been getting sick lately. Balto said.

"And what does that have do whit anything?"

"I'm not too sure but if there are train crews talking about it.  It must something be big."

"It is none of our business of what is happening in town are only business is to get are spot before the boss finds out."
Boris said heading towards the Engine servicing track with Balto fallowing behind.

Meanwhile Things were starting to take a turn for the worst for the Williams.
Rose Williams Jenna's little sister had developed nasty cough and a milled fever not long after returning to Nome earl yesterday both her Mom and Dad said it would all blow over and she would be fine the next day.
But the next morning she woke up worst then yesterday this got Jenna and her Mother and Father worried so they both decided to check her in with the Doctor.

Meanwhile Balto and Boris had just stent another serviced engine on its way and just as the engine began to steam away Balto caught the teal end of a conversation between the Engineer and the Firemen.

"Did you hear there's now seven people now checked into the doctor."

"Same symptoms as the other's?"  


"Well this can't end well."

This got Balto to wondering about just how bad this really was

Hours later the day shift crew's punched and started heading home.

As Boris and Balto head back to their boat/house Balto couldn't help but think about what he had heard from the crew of the engine they had serviced early that day about there being more people being checked into the Doctor's with all the same symptoms.

"Was  it is that bad?" Balto thought to himself.

But he brushed the thought from his mind and kept on walking throe the snowy streets it was late in the evening when the two arrived back home Boris went about his usual task of moping the old wooden deck of the boat While Balto was standing at the bow of the boat looking out towards Nome thinking.

Unbeknownst to him Boris walked up beside him.
"And what is so interesting?"


"Is love, so why don't you make move?"

Balto Just sighed.
"Look Boris we've been over this before beside's she not my type anyways."

"And why not it is this wolf business, you know some times I wish like crazy I was part American."

"Why." Balto asked rising an eyebrow.

"Better looking for one thing und people understand you better for another."

Meanwhile back in town Jenna was standing outside the hospital desperately wanting to know if Rosy was ok but she as well as a few others were was orders from Doc Welch that if they went showing any symptoms they were to say away from the hospital.

The only one's aloud inside where the sick the doctors, the nurses and the parents of the sick.

So all Jenna could do was watch from a window and hope for the best.

At this point Balto had decided to go and try to talk to Jenna.

As he walked throe the quite streets he past a broken mirror he stopped by it and looked into as he tried to fix a tuft of hair that just wouldn't stay down when he figured it wasn't going to stay he continued walking until he came upon Jenna looking into the window of the hospital.

"Um Jenna?" He asked nervously

Jenna only turned around.
"Oh Balto hi." She said quietly only to turn back to the window.

"Hi...Look Uh just a shot in the dark but I was wondering if...I don't know you would to go chase a few stick's by moon light?" Balto said chuckling at the last bit.

But Jenna didn't respond she just kept looking throe the window

"Jenna?" he asked walking up to her.

"Rosie's in there" Jenna said.

"In the hospital why?"

She felt worm and she has a terrible cough, Balto what's wrong with her?"

Balto razed an eye brow.
"I'm not sure but I know how to find out come on."

He said leading her around to the back of the hospital stopping next to the door that led to the hospital basement.
"You could say I have the keys to the city." He said as he used his wolf like claws to remove two lose door hinge pens once removed all he had to do was slid the door to the side.
"After you." Balto said gesturing towards the door with his hand.

For the first time Jenna could get a good look at Balto's hands and was kind of shocked to see just how big they compared to hers or her dad's they were definitely not the hands of a dog.

Balto saw her staring at his hands and chuckled slightly and as he walked throe the door he said.
"Big paws kind of run in my least one side of my family." He said leading her down the steps to the basement boiler room.

Once inside he started leading her into the darker parts of the basement.
"Stick close." He said.
"No problem there." Jenna said a little unease sticking as close to Balto as possible

"It's so gloomy down here...not that I'm scared or anything..."
She spoke to soon gasping when she nearly walked face first into a spider wed.

Only to Have Balto Brush the wed away with his hand.
"Gloomy, you kidding? It's the most beautiful spot in world, People travel for years to just to be right here."

"Here I can't see why?" Jenna said.
"That's because you're looking at the blow half empty."
Balto said walking ahead of her stopping next to a grate in the floor above them.

"See this it's the polar icecaps."
Balto said using his boot covered foot to push a bunch of broken bottles under the grate.

"Balto those are broken bottles and there not half empty there all empty." Jenna said.

"The sun…" Balto said gesturing up at the grate.

"Balto…" Jenna said a little unease thanking Balto had lost his mind.

"And to the North…" Balto said stepping to the side letting light from the grate shine throe hitting the bottle's reflecting the light throe the bottles creating a beautiful reflection of the Northern Lights on the fare wall of the basement.

"Balto your right it's beautiful."

"Yeah… beautiful"

The two didn't know it but they standing much closer to etch other maybe a few inches closer.

They didn't realize how close till the light disappeared and the sound of footsteps could be heard over head.

The two moved closer to the great and saw the feet of Doc Welch and Jenna's Mom and Dad.

Doc Welch: Good night Rosie.

Rosie: I'm so cold.

Doc Welch: We'll have another blanket for you right here, you stay warm and get some rest

No sooner did Welch stop talking he started walking towards his office with Jenna's Mom and Dad fallowing behind.

Balto and Jenna fallowed the footsteps to another great in the floor of Doc Welch's office.

Jenna's Father: Doctor how is she.
Doc Welch: Exhausted from coughing and her fever's getting worse (sight) it looks like Diphtheria she's the 18th case this week…and I'm out of antitoxin.

Balto was shocked at this turn of events he turned to where Jenna had been standing only to find the spot empty and saw here running back towards the boiler room with tears in her eyes.

"Jenna I…Jenna I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you I shouldn't of taken you down there."

"No I'm glad you did."

Suddenly there was a great commotion out said the basement door and soon a figure walked down the basement stares.

As soon as Blato and Jenna got a good look at the figure they both realized it was Steel sausage links in hand with a nerve's look to his face.

However that look changed when he noticed Jenna completely ignoring Balto's presents in the room.

"Well, well what's wrong with this picture?" Steel said walking up to Jenna.   "Jenna join me for dinner you start at one end I start at the other and when we get to the middle…well you tell."

"All right steel that's enough out of you Steel." Balto said taking a defensive step towards him.

Jenna Just stepped in between the two shooting Balto a look of  "Let me handle It." and walked closer to Steel.
This only made Balto raise in eye brow as to what she was doing till she motioned her head towards the basement furnace at that Balto could only wonder what she was going to do.  
"Gee Steel I have to admit the offer is very tempting."
"It is." Steel said unknowingly stepping back towards the furnace door.
"These days I prefer my meat "cooked."

Before Steel realized it he had backed his backside right into the door of the furnace Howled in pain as he pulled his burning seat away from the furnace door.

Using the confusion to their advantage Balto and Jenna made a run for the basement door once outside Balto shut the door behind him for getting the hinge pines in the door were no longer there only to be remained of such when Steel came shooting out of the basement sending the door flying off to the side before tripping and falling on top of Balto and Jenna.

The commotion they caused sure drew attention to them self's when they not only saw the light from a lantern but voices around the corner of the building heading their way.

Balto told Jenna to fallow him not wonting her to get in trouble she fallowed.

Steel who was not about to be cout red handed throw the sausage links at the fleing Wolf dog and the raped around his legs causing him to fall into the snow.

When the light of the lantern came upon him he saw to figures one was that of Jenna's father and the town Marshal a Middle aged human with a revolver in hand.

"Well now what do we have here." Mr. Williams said in more of a statement rather than a question.

"I knew this mutt was no good when I first saw him."  The Marshal said leveling his gun at the half wolf struggling to get free of the sausage links raped around his legs.

Balto would have said something to clear his name but he realized it would useless and to add insult in injury Steel walked up to the Marshal.

"Good thing I was here to hold this thief down until y'all arrived." he said in a manner that made it sound like he had been on Balto's tail.

"In that case you've earned these Mr. Johnson." The Marshal said gun still trained on Balto as he bent down to pick up the sausage links and hand them to Steel.

He then turned to Balto.
"And as for you, you better get gone…WELL GO ON GET!"
Balto didn't need to be told twice and ran for his life.

Jenna tried to fallow the fleeing half wolf only to have her father grab her by the bright red bandana she wears around her neck.
"Come Jenna were going home." Her father said as he and the Marshal lead her out of the ally.

Balto came sliding out from the side of the Hospital with only his boots keeping himself from falling over as he rounded the corner of the building heading back towards the boat not seeing a man hang a sign on the hospital door that read..

Well after meany long months and not much motivation i present to you Chapter 4 of Legend of the North.

If your familer with the Movie Balto this is were thing's start picking up and i thank this might be the longest chapter so fare in the story.

All Characters shown and or mentioned are Copyrighted 1995-2005 to Universal studios and Amblin entertainment.
RailMachanic Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good man good, keeping it close to the story while still apllyinig it to your concept.
gh22 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Thanks Rail :) since you can tell what's going on i'm guessing you've seen the movie some time in the past?
RailMachanic Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes I have.
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